Swan Street roadworks

Footway resurfacing works on Swan Street have been scheduled to take place on February 13 for approximately three weeks.

During this time the movement of pedestrians and vehicles will be affected.

The works which consist of footway works will be carried out by Tayside Contracts.

Pedestrian access will be available to all properties but, for health and safety reasons, if work is being carried out directly in front of an access barriers will be in place around the working area.

To ensure your protection and that of others you are asked not to move these barriers. Should you require access to or egress from your property while work is being carried out there you are asked to attract the attention of a member of the workforce who will assist you.

Access to shops and business will be restricted as the footway is excavated and resurfaced and every effort will be made to keep the restrictions to a minimum but the safety of pedestrians will always take precedence.

The works will be carried out under three way temporary traffic lights and traffic will be reduced to a single lane.

To accommodate a temporary walkway on Swan Street to allow access to properties and also a working area for construction it will require the suspension of on street parking within Swan Street.

The bus stops will also be affected and notices will be placed at the bus stops detailing the alternative arrangements.

Domestic refuse collection will be unaffected and wheelie bins etc should be put out as normal.

If you, or anyone you know who lives or works in the affected area, have any special needs particularly with regard to access or mobility, to allow us to make any necessary arrangements contact the council or would like some further information regarding these works please contact Eric Nicoll on 01307 473928.