Works set to start on Damacre Road

Brechin’s Damacre Road will see carriageway and footway works taking place on the week commencing Monday, February 27.

Movement of pedestrians and vehicles will be affected throughout the works which is due to last approximately four weeks.

Pedestrian access will be available to all properties but for health and safety reasons if work is being carried out directly in front of an access, barriers will be in place around the working area.

If you are a resident of Damacre Road and would like to have a dropped driveway access in front of your property, subject to approval, the Council can carry out the works for a fee of £300.

Residents in the area are asked to check whether any bushes, shrubs or hedges are overgrowing their boundary wall or kerb and if it is have been asked to trim such vegetation back flush with the rear of the footway to a vertical height of at least two metres.

Failure to carry out such measures may result in the Contractor cutting back the overgrowth and a charge being made for this work.

Domestic refuse collection will be unaffected and wheelie bins etc., should be put out as normal.

Should you require any further information regarding these works, or would like to arrange a dropped driveway access, please contact Suzy Milne on 01307 473938.