Trial period removal bid falls through

The need for traffic lights on East Mill Road has been called into question by a Brechin councillor.

Speaking at The City of Brechin and District Community Council meeting on May 5, councillor Bob Myles discussed his unsuccessful bid to have the lights removed for a trial period.

Traffic is currently being diverted along Montrose and down East Mill Road to get to Arbroath, as the flood prevention scheme construction work has forced the closure of Witchden Road and River Street.

The traffic lights have been in use since the start of the road closure, but queueing traffic has led to back-ups on Montrose Street, with the councillor explaining: “The lights are creating a bigger hazard than they are solving.”

Speaking during his ward councillor update, he explained: “I questioned the need for the lights and tried to get a trial period without them but traffic said they were not prepared to take the risk should there be an accident.

“There was a time when the lights were broken and a van and lorry passed on the road with no issues.”

Later in the meeting, a member of public also discussed the detrimental effect the lights are having on the traffic problems on Montrose Street, saying: “The traffic is a nightmare just now with the flood prevention works and it makes it difficult to cross the road.”

Issues about the traffic light system were raised in January, after a resident raised concerns about motorists skipping the lights.

He also raised concerns about the lights breaking down.

Angus Council reacted quickly to the faults, with officers visiting the site to ensure the lights were working correctly.