Trip to New York for Imogen

Pictured: Imogen (centre) gets her 15 seconds of fame in New York's Time Square along with two of her American class mates.
Pictured: Imogen (centre) gets her 15 seconds of fame in New York's Time Square along with two of her American class mates.

BRechin teen Imogen Sherrit, has sent another update on her trip to study abroad in America. In this instalment, she talks about two trips she has taken to New York during November and her first American Thanksgiving.

“Despite the havoc wreaked by hurricane Sandy, our trip to New York in November was not affected too much.she said.

“New York was amazing and beautiful and every bit as fantastic as I expected it to be. It’s such a contrast from home; home as in both American and Scottish home. Home here (Warrenton, Virginia) is very similar to home in Scotland.

“The population of New York city alone is nearly four times the population of Scotland, and the equivalent of Scotland’s entire population uses New York’s subway every day.

“Our group was made up of the exchange students from Virginia and North Carolina, so I got to see some of the exchange students I’d made friends with at orientation.

“First of all, we met our tour guide and he took us through the city to Central Park. Later we drove to a place just on the coast with a good view of the New Jersey shoreline, and of course, Liberty and Ellis island. Due to damage from Sandy, we didn’t get to visit the Statue of Liberty, so this was the next best thing. Just seeing it though was quite surreal.

“We drove past Ground Zero where they are currently building new towers, and saw a glimpse of a memorial that they have left in memory of those who died on 9/11. It was really quite chilling to be at the place where it actually happened.”

Imogen went on: ““The grand finale of the trip, however, was the Broadway musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’. I’ve always wanted to see a musical on Broadway, especially that one, so now I can scratch that off my bucket list!

“My second trip to New York was organised by the marketing teachers at my high school. The thing is, you could stay in NYC for ages and never visit every store or do everything you want to do, so we did completely different things.

“We went for a tour of the Radio City Music Hall and when in the viewing booth we got to see a part of the show, ‘The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular’. Then we took a tour of NBC studios, but we were not allowed to take photos.

“The best part of the trip though was when a couple of the girls and I went into American Eagle and paid to get our picture on the board outside in Times Square. How often can you say, “Oh yeah, I was on a billboard in Times Square...”? Totally worth paying five dollars for!

She concluded: “I also got to experience Thanksgiving for the first time which I really enjoyed.

“It was similar to that Christmas feeling with all the food and family atmosphere, but often at Christmas we get so swamped by the hype of advertising that we forget about the important things, so it was really refreshing to experience a holiday like Thanksgiving.

“Since there was a turkey for dinner, I decided we couldn’t possibly have it without skirlie, so I added a wee touch of Scotland to an American tradition!

“I wish everyone at home a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”