Trust welcomes sketch donation

One of David Waterson's sketches.
One of David Waterson's sketches.

The David Waterson Trust has followed up their thanks to a recent donation, with news that further works by David Waterson have been donated to the Trust.

Last week, the Trust thanked Dr Ian Fallows for his donation of a booklet drawn and written by Waterson, and now they have given their gratitude to Ewan Haggart for his donation of a sketch book.

Mr Haggart presented the sketch book, which had eight pastel drawings by the Brechin artist, dated December 1921.

John Ritchie, Chairman of the Trust, said: “We have to record our grateful thanks also to Mr Ewan Haggart for having donated a sketch book of eight pastel drawings by David Waterson under the title ‘Pitlochry’, dated December 1921.”

The Trust has been working on a complete chronological analysis of Waterson’s Life and works.

John explained: “The information we have gathered, although vast, is far from complete and we are extremely thankful for the many donations received which have been invaluable in helping with this task.

“For example, Dr Ian Fallows in his recent address, referred to the date of the sketch that Waterson drew of his aunt Mrs Taggart whilst in the Paris Opera House, as the same year that Louis Bleriot the first Frenchman to fly the channel.”

Mr Haggart’s donation also helps with their aims, with John adding: “Its another definite date in our chronology and another superb gift to be held in trust for the people of Brechin, currently on display within the current joint exhibition.”

The Trust are still working on uncovering information, and have asked for anyone with an interest to get in contact.

John said: “Waterson wrote extensively to ‘The Scotsman’ under the heading of “Nature Notes” and we are convinced that in the period of Waterson’s lifetime, 1870 to 1954, there must be a huge amount of information still to be uncovered and if any of your readers wish to help they can register their interest with Mike Mitchell on 01356 623662 - a worthwhile and rewarding adventure.”