Use your extra hour to get ready for winter

A campaign has been launched that urges Scots to use the extra hour as the clocks go back this Sunday to get ready for winter.

The campaign reminds people that severe weather can strike at any time, so taking action now will serve them well in winter, and all year round.

While 44 per-cent of people in Scotland say they feel prepared for severe weather according to new research, people are being asked to consider how prepared they are for all kinds of challenging conditions through this year’s Ready for Winter campaign.

The campaign sets out the simple steps we can all take in the home, before a journey, at work and in our communities.

It also encourages people to look out for others, especially the more vulnerable, when bad weather strikes.

In the last four years, parts of Scotland have been badly affected by severe weather – from high winds and blizzards that affected the country last February, to the snow and freezing temperatures of previous winters.

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