Watson-Watt radar display for Town House

Sir Robert Watson Watt
Sir Robert Watson Watt

An exhibition featuring one of Brechin’s most famous sons and his invention is set to take place at Brechin Town House Museum.

The development of radar and Sir Robert Watson-Watt, who was born and grew up in Brechin, will be the subject of the exhibition.

Watson-Watt was, of course, the leader of the team that created the defence system that played such a crucial part in the defence of the UK during WWII, particularly in the Battle of Britain.

Making the announcement, a spokesman for The Watson-Watt Society of Brechin referred to the Society’s appreciation of the hard work of museum staff in setting up what is an exceptional display of images, documents and artefacts depicting the war-time defence system.

He said: “While this may be a relatively small exhibition, which reflects the size of Brechin Town House, it is nevertheless a comprehensive display and museum staff have really excelled themselves in putting it together. We thank them profusely and also those, including the University of Dundee, Angus Council and others, who have contributed the various items displayed.”

Reference was also made to the dramatic progress made by the society over the last year in their bid to get a statue of Sir Watson-Watt in the town. Their hard work has seen contractors start in preparing the ground in St. Ninian’s Square this week and constructing the plinth for the statue which is currently in storage in Powderhall Foundry, Leith.

It is anticipated that the installation work will take no longer than four to five weeks, but the society apologises for any inconvenience caused to nearby residents.

It is expected that the monument will be in place by the beginning of May, and while it had been hoped to have it unveiled early that month, the society is unable to give a specific date for this ceremony but it is now likely to be later in the year, possibly in July.

The spokesman for the society explained: “The statue will be in place within the next month or so although the official unveiling has had to be delayed. This is not a consequence of the logistics in the installation of what is Brechin’s first statue but rather the difficulty in making specific arrangements for an appropriate individual to carry out the ceremony to honour the greatest Brechiner of the 20th Century.

“While the statue will be in place it will be without its dedication plaque which will be attached a few days before the unveiling.”

The exhibition runs from March 29 to May 27 at the Town House museum on the High Street. It is open daily, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday.