What a great success!

The Christmas in the City event at the weekend has been viewed by all to be a great success.

Businesses, members of the public and others who helped to run the event are all in agreement that it brought a great buzz to the city and helped the shops do a lot of local business.

Below are some of the comments from businesses in and around the High Street.

Mrs Turriff of Les Turriff Florists said: “I’d really like to thank the people. All the shops, volunteers and obviously the people for coming.

“It took me back to the years when we used to have a sale of work in the City Hall.

“There were a lot of retailers on the street doing extra things. All the shopkeepers I’ve spoken to were delighted, it was a great family day. In today’s world it was so lovely to see families together in the community. I can’t thank everyone who helped enough.”

Gavin Brymer of Brymer’s Butchers was in agreement, saying: “I thought it was absolutely superb. We had a lot of customers in the shop. The customer count was definitely up. We had burgers for sale on a barbecue and they were a huge success; we had about 150 of them and they were sold out in three hours. There was a buzz about the street, a lot of milling about, and a lot of people who don’t perhaps normally come out. I’d be 100 percent in favour of doing it again.”

James Berry of G. A Moir agreed that it brought a buzz to Brechin: “It was good to see the town busy, a bit of vibrance about it, the bands playing.

“It was very good for us, and talking to some of the other businesses it seems to have been quite a successful day.

“There was definitely more people on the street which was great to see. Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be quite enthusiastic and quite optimistic about it. I’d definitely be in favour of them doing it again. Anything which increases interest in local shops is a good thing.”

Val Bremner of Drapes and Dreams said: “It was really good actually, and we were really busy. The street was really busy and it was good to see the crowd. For us there was a lot more custom. It was a really good atmosphere as well, everbody got into the Christmas spirit.”

John Laing of J. Mitchell jewellers thought the day was a success, saying: “It went very well. There were a lot more people on the High Street, which was good for business. I think it was a good idea having the street shut off, as there’s more people walking past the shops. I’d definitely be in favour of it happening again.”

Lorna Pattison of Occasions was enthusiastic about the whole day, including the entertainment, saying:

“I’m very delighted with how the day went. We were very busy compared to a normal Saturday. I think the entertainment was good. You needed it to bring people down there. I don’t think there would have been the same amount of people if it was just the shops’ discount. I don’t think that would have been enough to get the crowds down, but definitely the entertainment helped. A lot of people who came into the shop were surprised that there was something going on, and a lot of folk thought it was really good; it’s been good feedback all round.”

Staff at Gardners Toy Shop said the event, along with the Craft Fair at the Mechanics’ Hall, helped to bring in a good crowd, saying: “I thought it was excellent. I think there were more customers in than usual, although at this time of year it can be hard to tell as we get busy on Saturdays near Christmas.

“But the town was buzzing. Going by the crowd that gathered, people had stayed around till 4 o’clock which was good. I think everything that was going on helped to bring people into the town. The list of what everybody was doing was good, it was well-informed; you knew what was happening and where. And the craft fair at the Mechanics’ too, I think that helped.”

Staff at the Townhouse Museum said that the day’s entertainment had helped them tremendously saying: “It went absolutely brilliant, we were mobbed.

“A lot busier than we would usually be and a lot busier than we expected. I think it really went very well and there’s been a lot of very positive feedback as well. It was definitely our busiest day of the year.”

Public response to the day was equally as positive, with many commenting on the Brechin Advertiser Facebook page. Some of the comments included: “Brilliant for a town recovering, hats off to them - and thank you!”; “Good to see a bit of life in brechin again.”; “I hope it’s an annual event. Well done to those who organised it. There was a brilliant atmosphere about the town.”; “Was really good to walk around and actually see other people. Well done to the organisers.”; “Haven’t seen the town so busy for a long time. A great success, hope it is an annual event!”; “Wonderful to see the pavements full of people! A lot of hard work, well done and thanks to all the kids who performed.”