What’s that dark shadowy place?

A picture that has circulated across the internet has caused concern to Grahame Lockhart of the Brechin Community Council.
A picture that has circulated across the internet has caused concern to Grahame Lockhart of the Brechin Community Council.

Perceptions of Brechin that are illustrated in a picture that has been circulated across the internet has caused concern for one community councillor.

Whilst initially finding the picture somewhat amusing Grahame Lockhart, convener of the City of Brechin and District Community Council, was disappointed that this is the perception from outside Brechin.

Grahame’s thoughts quickly turned to the good things that have been happening in Brechin in recent years and the positive spirit developing amongst the community.

Significant amounts of money have been spent in recent years as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and Town Centre Regeneration Funds as well as the initiatives of Brechin Retailers’ Association and other groups and organisations to enhance the appearance of the buildings and to attract visitors to our city.

Alongside all of this the Community Council and The City of Brechin and Area Partnership and local retailers are discussing working together to develop further initiatives to benefit the whole community.

Grahame commented: “I was concerned that this was the perception of people outside Brechin in spite of all that has been done in Brechin and the efforts of so many members of the community who have been involved in all these activities.

“I would encourage everyone to do their best to promote the positive things happening in Brechin to their friends from further afield.

“The days in the City events are now well established, preparations for the first Brechin Music Fest are progressing well, and the Community Council will be looking at some short-term projects whilst developing our long-term aims.

“The agenda for our next community council meeting in the Damacre Centre on Tuesday, May 7, will include the above as well as updates on the Community Campus and a Brechin Development Trust.

“We will canvas the community to find out their top priorities and we will hear from The Park Group about how it is trying to improve the local parks, its thinking for the future and what support is needed.

“Every community council member is firmly committed to working together with others to help to realise the aspirations of our community.

“Community council meetings are open to members of the public and we welcome their comments on matters being discussed.

“As a result of issues raised earlier the community council has brought officers of Angus Council to Brechin to discuss how some of the main issues are dealt with and we aim to continue this when necessary.

“All of these meetings have been reported in the local press.

“To end this on a positive note, Simba ended up in the dark place and found it bright and cheery and the residents full of the joys!

“Perhaps that’s one aspiration we can achieve for Brechin if we put our minds to it and all work together for our community.”