Widen the scope of community campus

THE proposed community campus came under the spotlight when the the City of Brechin and District Community Council met for the first time on Tuesday of last week.

Convener Grahame Lockhart and Planning contact Paul Wright gave feed-back about the pre-engagement seminar meeting called by the community council and the engagement seminar called by Angus Council.

Both gave a full account of the positive views on the project and the real benefits of the new campus as well as the concerns within the community about some aspects of the plans.

The location of the campus was of significant concern with the need to have a reliable bus service which would be in operation seven days a week to enable access to the varied community activities envisaged on the site.

The potential impact of the campus on the existing council-owned facilities was another major concern, and it was felt that there had been very little conversation on this, to date, and insufficient consideration had been given to the serious concerns of community.

Although it has been documented that no decision have been made regarding these other facilities it is felt that the community do not feel reassured about them.

The community council appreciated the need to look for a positive way forward in the current financial climate.

It was suggested that consideration be given to the City of Brechin as the new community campus. That is, all facilities throughout Brechin including the new campus project would form the community campus.

Consultations could take place about the effective use of existing facilities, the cost implications of their upgrade and the new opportunities of the new Campus at Brechin High School.

The community council saw this as positive way forward, and in the coming weeks would seek the views of the wider public.

Convener Grahame Lockhart commented: “We recognise that we are living in a very difficult financial climate and resources are being stretched further and further, but, we have a real opportunity here for the community council, the community and Angus Council to work together to find the very best solution for all.”

Other items were discussed included the proposed Nathro Hill Wind Farm and the planning of an Olympics for Brechin on the June 12 when the Olympic Torch passes through Brechin.

Inspector McInally and Community Liaison Officer Rattray were present and indicated they would be happy to speak at the March meeting on the role of the police in Brechin.

The next meeting will be held in the Damacre Centre on Tuesday, March 6.