Wind farm consultation

Renewables developer Eurowind is asking communities surrounding the proposed Nathro Hill Wind Farm if they want to become part owners of the 17 turbine project should it achieve planning consent next year.

A public consultation has been launched by Eurowind, which asks surrounding communities if they are interested in forming a joint venture with the company, whereby a community body would own a share in the project equivalent to one of the 3.6MW turbines.

The consultation points to the community of Fintry in Stirlingshire where an agreement to help Fintry Development Trust buy into their local wind farm has been transformative.

Fintry Development Trust has used the production profits from their share of the Earlsburn Wind Farm to set up a community car club, provide energy grants to homes and community groups, create new woodlands and orchards and establish a community wood fuel supply project.

The consultation paper is available to download from the project website with responses due back in by the December 6. Anyone with an interest in the surrounding communities and the wind farm is invited to respond.