Winner of Brechin quiz announced

The former North Port Distellery
The former North Port Distellery

Elizabeth Ross from 14 Provost Road, Brechin has been crowned champion of the Brechin Retailers’ Group’s quiz on the town.

The group recently held a ‘Brechin knowledge quiz’ to help raise funds to allow them to put on events in the town - such as the up and coming ‘Harley Davidson in the City’ event.

The quiz featured 20 questions on the town, with the answer to be found around Brechin, provided you were observant.

Elizabeth correctly answered 19 of the 20 questions, and as a result has won £10.

In order to collect her prize, Elizabeth can visit Bill Sturrock, chairman of the Retailers’ Group, at Print Matters on Swan Street.

Speaking about the fund-raising quiz, Bill commented: “We would just like to thank everyone for their entries. We raised a total of £147 which will be put towards future events.”

The questions and answers were as follows:

1 - When was the Town House built? 1789.

2 - Who was born in the building now occupied by Boots Chemist? Thomas Guthrie.

3 - When was the Cemetery Bridge built? 1856.

4 - What does “resurgam” on the archway at the entrance to the cemetery mean? I shall rise again.

5 - How did Swan Street get its name? From the Swan Inn Hotel.

6 - Who built Bishop’s Tower at the entrance to Bishop’s Close? Bishop Crannock.

7 - What was the original name of Market Street? Timmer Market.

8 - Who built Maisondieu Chapel? William De Brechin.

9 - What was formerly on the site of Co-Operative Supermarket on Trinity Road? North Port Distillery.

10 - How did Cross Keys Close get its name? From Cross Keys Inn.

11 - What was the previous name of the Northern Hotel? Commerical Hotel.

12 - Which railway company built Brechin Railway Station? Aberdeen and Caledonian Railway companies.

13 - When was the Round Tower built approximately? 1000 to 1100 AD.

14 - The restored Merchant’s House has two building dates. Which is the older? 1575.

15 - When was the Mechanics’ Institute built? 1839.

16 - Which King’s initials are on the entrance to the main Post Office? King George V.

17 - What was the name of the cinema which was situated in City Road? The Regal.

18 - What was the name of the famous night club in the High Street? Flicks.

19 - The R------ Tavern was in Damacre Road. What name should be in place of the blanks? The Railway Tavern.

20 - How did Andover School get it’s name? Named after the town in Massachusetts, USA, where John Smith and John Dove emigrated. They sent money to Brechin to build a school.