Winter driving

Police in Brechin are urging drivers to ensure they have clear windscreens, external mirrors and lights before setting off in winter weather.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Clear frost, snow or ice off your windows and windscreens, including any snow off the roof which could slip forward onto your windscreen.

“Invest in a scraper - we can even give you one if you call at the police office (limited stock available).

“Check your tyre treads, tyre pressures and regularly fill your screen wash.

“In bad weather, always allow yourself that extra time for your journey, ensure you have plenty of fuel and always leave extra stopping distance between yourself and the vehicle in front.

“Do not travel unless absolutely necessary if the conditions are very poor.

“To ensure you know what the weather may hold it is advised to listen to weather reports on your local radio station (102.8/96.4 MHz FM or 1161/1584 khz AM) or consult internet sites like or Traffic Scotland for updates.

“Carry a shovel and warm clothing as a precaution,” they added.

“Report any ongoing incidents of youths throwing snowballs/iceballs at property as this could cause injury or damage to windows or cars.

“People will be prosecuted if appropriate.”

Parents are asked to emphasise that playing with snowballs with your friends is fun in the right places, but putting people in fear and alarm or causing damage is not.

To report any ongoing issues contact Brechin police on their non-emergency number 0300 111 2222.