Woman accused of negelct to pony

A St Cyrus woman has been accused of causing unnecessary suffering to a pony and failing to provide it with a suitable living environment.

Donna Parley, 29, Croft Place has denied the two charges against her under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act.

Parley is charged with causing a pony unnecessary suffering by failing to provide it with adequate food and clean water and appropriate care and treatment at Jackson Farm, St Cyrus between January 27 and February 14.

She is further charged with failing to provide a suitable environment as the pony was kept in a horse box and the area on which it had been lying was covered in wet excrement.

The charge states that the pony’s coat was dirty and matted, it suffered from lice and had a gastrointestinal condition whereby it became listless and emaciated.

Parley is accused of failing to provide a suitable diet and failing to protect the pony from suffering with timeous and appropriate care treatment, including veterinary treatment.

Parley did not appear in court in person and defence agent Lynne Sturrock submitted not guilty pleas on her behalf.

Trial was set for October 13.