Woolies site work to begin

PLANS to develop the former Woolies site in Brechin is underway.

Local developer Kirkgate Properties will create four retail properties on the ground floor of the building, while the upper storey will be converted into four two bed-roomed flats.

The companies, who are committed to Brechin, have a portfolio which includes the site at Boots the Chemist and their former site, now the Old Town Bakery as well as the site which is now occupied by Adajio Music.

Ronald Shand, a director of Kirkgate Properties said: “We have now got the building warrants and everything sorted out.

“There is going to be four shops in the building and we have started to put the framing up for one of the shops and may have a tenant for it already. “There may also be another tenant for one of the other shops which leaves us with two shops that need to be occupied.

“We will probably put the properties to an agent to try and encourage a national shop to come to Brechin.”

Currently Brechin is uncatered for with regard to clothing, something which Ronald would like to rectify.

“Every time I take on a project I get people telling me they are looking for a clothes shop to come to Brechin and we it would like to encourage a national shop to come in.

“We are actively looking for someone who will hopefully deliver a clothes shop which means it doesn’t compete with anyone else in the centre of the town. This could be a national or local company.

“If necessary I will make up a leaflet and will go round all the clothes shops in Montrose, Abroath and Forfar and show them what a huge opportunity there is in Brechin.

“The other thing which I keep coming across is that the huge difference in the number of shops in Montrose compared to Brechin.

“It shows there is an imbalance in the availability of good quality shops. We would like to help balance this.

“We would like to encourage as many people as possible to come into Brechin.

“We are looking to bring some diversity to the town along with some more of a choice in clothing or shoe shops and this will hopefully bring more retailers into the centre of Brechin.

“We somehow have to kick-start more retailers to come in and create a more viable place for people go shopping.”

The development will see the roller door to the left of the building being replaced with a shop front, creating a kiosk unit.

To the right of the kiosk will see two 1100 to 1200 sq. ft shops being created, although there is the opportunity to make this into one large space of almost 2500 sq. ft.

To the right of these units a shop will be created in the space between the former Woolies and Semi Chem.

A shop front will be erected with outdoor space to the front of the shop which can be used as a display area when the weather is clear.

“At the moment we have potentially got someone who wants to occupy the kiosk unit and another person who would like one of the large shops at the middle of the building.” said Ronald.

Above the shops the company plans to create four two bed-roomed flats with a parking area behind.

Fiona Knowles from Adagio Music was full of encouragement for any business coming to Brechin, explaining how they had had a lot of support from people in the local area.

“We opened since April last year and business has been very, very good.

“We have had a lot of support from tutors at school and we have been bringing in business from Forfar, Montrose and Carnoustie,” she said.

“We are really excited about the development at Woolies and it will be great to see some new shops coming into Brechin.

“I would wholeheartedly encourage companies to come to Brechin.”

If you are intersted in occupying one of the shops then contact Ronald Shand on 07740632921.