Young people’s health Service highlights healthy relationships

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The Corner Young People’s Health and Information Service is highlighting healthy relationships as part of its current health promotion campaign.

During October and November, the ‘Is This Love?’ campaign has been focusing on relationship issues relevant to young people, such as what they should look for in a healthy relationship, what to do if they are in an unhealthy relationship and issues around consent and exploitation.

Staff worked with the Women’s Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre in Dundee (WRASAC) and Barnardos to create a window display and resources to be used in the drop-in and outreach work.

Interactive activities which address the campaign’s key themes are also available in a bid to empower young people with knowledge of healthy relationships and relevant services available to them.

Throughout the campaign updates on Twitter @TheCornerDundee and will allow young people to access additional information and support.

For more information or to request the Is This Love? outreach service please contact Caroline Millar on or 01382 206060.

The Corner offers a wide range of health, information and peer-led services to young people aged between 11 and 19.

It provides a safe, welcoming environment where young people can talk confidentially about issues that might be affecting them.

The service also provides health and emotional wellbeing support and a range of sexual health services to young people.