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Regarding “Backing a winner for Clerk Street” on page three of the Brechin Advertiser dated February, 3.

When I read a national chain of retailers was coming to Brechin I thought at least M&S or John Lewis were coming here.

What a disappointment to find it is only a bookmaker.

The plans are exactly the same as for Woolworths site so not so ambitious.

Who are these Angus Planners? Do they live or shop in Brechin? Do they ever come to Brechin and speak to the Local Community Planning Officers to find out the locals opinions?

I recall a dentist requesting the site why was he turned down ?

There is not enough parking in Brechin and another five properties on Clerk street means five more parking spaces (ten if occupied by couples). There will then be perhaps eight or ten more spaces needed for retail unit employees not taking into consideration intending customers who cannot find a parking space who then give up.

A better idea would be a multi story car park for this site.

I would like local people to note there is the opportunity of meeting the Local Community Planning Officers at 10 am in the Cathedral Hall, Brechin 17th February 2011.

Your etc.,

Norma Mcleay