Letter to the Editor

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In your recent article about Kevin Hutchens writing to the disbanded the City of Brechin and District Community Council, you had me as “unavailable” for comment.

It should have been stated clearly that, even had I not been away, I would have chosen not to comment.

Whilst Mr Hutchens should really have known about the very disappointing demise of the community council, I would not take the opportunity, as my SNP and Conservative opponents have done, to stick the knife in to a fellow candidate.

That is because I believe that the Scottish elections should be about local issues and policy, not about personal attacks.

There are far more pressing concerns for people in Brechin, not least of all the lack of a community council.

The town is still reeling from the loss of the Town Centre Regeneration Funding promised by the SNP Government, just as the town had lost its voice through the community council.

Also, Brechiners will still want to know whether the Scottish Government will help to prevent further flood damage in the town.

I will be focusing, in my campaign, on local issues, not on taking cheap shots at my opponents.

Sanjay Samani,

Scottish Liberal Democrat,

Campaigner for Angus North & Mearns.