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In reply to Douglas Murray’s letter in last week’s Brechin Advertiser.

Mr Murray seems to be making things up to suit himself.

The removal of the gravel will make not one bit of difference to the flooding on River Street.

The Murrays have been pushing for this for years and seem to have an awful lot to say to the council who listens to them more than the residents of River Street who want a flood protection scheme but can’t get it.

This is because of the caravan site and loss of income that would result from the larger scheme.

That’s what it is all about and nothing else.

They are willing to let Angus Council go and waste out hard earned money, £125,000, on an inferior scheme.

The council would be as well throwing the money in the river.

Douglas, you say the scouring action of the river undermines the gabions - sorry it can’t do that as the river bed is rock.

The flooding at the bottom of Witchden Road is caused by the sewer just being overwhelmed with the amount of water as is many a sewer in Angus.

There is no build up, in the sewer, of gravel.

Douglas, you are an amateur scaremonger and you should stick to what you know best and let Angus Council through your land and stop holding up the scheme or it will be you and Alan Murray we blame when we get flooded out.

Thanks Bill Balfour, it’s good to hear someone else’s thoughts on the gravel removal issue.

Yours etc.,

George Garden,

21 Nursery Lane