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Take a lot at some of the views shared through our ‘Letter to the Editor’ page this week.

World affairs

No voters can empathise

Sir, – Smile, indeed to receive a compliment alongside the President of the United States, and I’m sure he might agree that women have been emancipated since Eve was a girl and persuaded Adam to take an apple.

Since then, however, emancipation has been delineated by social, government and religious prejudice. Unfortunately, inhabitants of earth evolved believing survival was key to long life alongside conquest to gain the resources to survive, and so society was lead by a warrior class to protect resources. Women may have been regarded as suppliers of dopamine and canon fodder and protected as such. The years brought many changes but the most important was peace and an end, nearly, to constant war, which resulted in the growth of militant minorities who fight differently.

These minorities have grown so fast over the recent years from being influential till now they feel in control. While young girls have unique talents which should be encouraged to grow, they revel in the skills to compete with males for places at bars, in police vans, and ambulances.

Behind every successful man there is a very successful woman may have been said by Ginger Rogers as she did the same as Fred only backwards in heels and a long dress.

The danger of the minorities creating Political Correct legislation was the ending of freedom of speech, and a barricade of law from behind which they could volley salvos of abuse such as bigot, homophobic, anti-Semitic, infidel, and organise campaigns to abuse and insult those who oppose or criticise.

First sign that the worm would turn came in 2014 when 85 per cent of the Scottish electorate turned out to defeat our own militant minority who still can’t or won’t believe that they lost a democratic referendum and continue to clutch at straws and anything else they think of to change the past.

Next came the vote to leave the European Union for the whole nation and once again the silent majority appeared at the polls to defeat the minority-led government of those who believed to do nothing and upset nobody, apart from Christian inhabitants, was acceptable government for the majority of the people.

Now we see a possible conclusion when the majority of the American people elected a non-politician as president who never learned that campaign promises were never to be kept. A lesson we have learned to our cost over the years and has ruined the integrity of some of our representatives.

The president kept his promises within two weeks of taking office and has suffered nothing but abuse ridicule and delaying tactics from the militant minorities, something with which we NO voters can empathise. – Yours, etc.,

Alan Bell, Roods, Kirriemuir

European union

The millions wasted by the EU

Sir, – The content of Ken Clarke’s recent blistering speech in Parliament was exceptionally well researched and extremely well articulated which I’m sure underpins the man’s legacy of having spent decades in Parliament enthralling us with his frank views, Mr Clarke, however, should have challenged the deliberate and misleading comments of I.D Smith, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and others, there must be hours of VT evidence that could condemn them to a life of penury – in every sense of the word.

There’s good and bad in everything, and even more so in the EU, highlighted by Jeremy Paxman who uncovered an annual waste of over 100 million pounds in having to “up-sticks” and move to a different country every month in order to vote. It would appear that this was as a result of earlier members ensuring jobs for the boys, and as usual, nobody has done anything about it.

Mr Clarke and others should have taken a leaf out of JP’s book and amassed details of all such frivolous waste and saved the tax payers an absolute fortune – this one revelation amounting to nearly half a billion pounds during Mr Clarke’s spell in Parliament – hopefully Mr Clarke will get all fired up again and see to it that the wasted monies are returned to the rightful owners, the taxpayers – this revelation I’m sure merely scratches the surface – yet another example of rampant apathy – Dick Turpin used to wear a mask and rob people under cover of darkness – this is daylight robbery! – Yours, etc.,

John Ritchie,

(via email)

One-man campaign

Statistics never disappoint

Sir, – “There are lies, damned lies, statistics and the letters of Alan Bell” would have been the verdict of Disraeli, had he read the latest astonishing contribution to your letters page of February 2.

It’s not so long since Mr Bell claimed that we rejected independence “unanimously” so it was with nervous anticipation that his latest brave venture into the world of statistics was awaited. We should not have worried. Mr Bell never disappoints!

This time he would have us all believe that Scotland really wanted to leave the EU after all (by counting all the people who did not vote on the leave side) and suggests that the 62 per cent of voters who wanted to remain only voted that way because it’s what they were instructed to do so by the Tories! These really are quite funny and obviously fantastic claims by any standards. Given these statistical contortions, you really have to admire Mr Bell’s comic genius when he pleads for others to reflect on the meaning of words like “honour” – a priceless touch of irony that had our family in stitches.

As is his undoubted right Mr Bell continues to use the letters column as a one-man campaign for us to continue to be ruled by a doctrinaire right wing government in London with all the misery that entails – horrendous Tory cuts, nukes dumped in Scotland, kiddies being forced down to foodbanks, poor sick and disabled families being made homeless and, naturally, nice juicy tax cuts for the mega-rich hedge fund managers who, of course, largely sponsor the Conservative Party.

Using an argument that this lunacy is what we really wanted all the time by relying on the views of non-voters is a comical misuse of statistics that might have amused even Mr Disraeli. – Yours, etc.,

K Heath, Cortachy


Fundraiser was just purr-fect

Sir, – Forfar and District Cats Protection would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in their recent quiz night at the Plough Inn, Forfar. The fantastic amount of £190 pounds was raised and it was great to see both newcomers and regular quiz goers enjoying the evening. A great night was had by all and all proceeds go towards helping cats and kittens in care of the local branch. Thank you. – Yours, etc.,

Karen Edwards ,(via email)