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Take a look at some of the views shared through our ‘Letter to the Editor’ page this week.


Conspicuous by her absence

Sir, – It feels like a very long time since May 2016, when Mairi Evans MSP was elected to the Scottish Parliament.

She chose to continue as a member of Angus Council and assured her constituents, in a letter to your newspaper, that she could cope with the dual role.

I was worried that she would find it a struggle. As it turns out, I was right to worry.

Since becoming an MSP, Ms Evans has been conspicuous by her absence at Angus Council meetings and at meetings of local community councils. On March 23, Angus Council held its final meeting. For councillors who are retiring, this was the last meeting ever – an opportunity to say goodbye and to be thanked. Ms Evans was not there.

I believed Ms Evans when she promised to do her best to represent all of us in her ward and her constituency. It is disappointing that Brechin & Edzell area was not interesting enough to merit her regular attendance or her attention. I would be glad to hear that she has been donating one of her salaries to deserving causes. – Yours, etc.,

Alison Andrews, (via email)


Tory attacks on our freedom

Sir, – At the last UK general election the Tories managed 14 per cent of the votes. Because of the votes largely in England we got landed with yet another Tory government, but one that at least had promised in its manifesto to keep us in the European single market.

At the last Scottish Parliamentary election the SNP (with 47 per cent of the vote) were elected to government (yet another landslide victory) with a manifesto commitment to consider a second independence referendum should Scotland vote to remain in the EU but get dragged out against her wishes. As we know we voted by 2:1 to remain in the EU but the UK as a whole voted to leave.

Well, the Tory election commitment on the European free market turned out to be a con with Mrs May handing Brexit over to her party’s right wingers and making clear the single market (crucial to Scottish jobs) will be abandoned. The SNP election commitment to consider a second independence referendum is being kept, but the Tories (who we didn’t vote for) are preventing the SNP (who we did elect) from keeping their promise. How undemocratic is that?

Scotland is now suffering from having yet another right wing Tory government imposed on her. The Tories refuse to even discuss the date of a second independence referendum and are now inflicting their right-wing policies, attacks on poor sick and disabled people, and hard a Brexit on Scotland. In essence the Tories are telling Scotland “shut up and take your medicine”.

The Tory attacks on our welfare state and on our freedom to choose a better future are attacks on all of our freedoms irrespective of our views on independence.

Imposition of cruel policies from Westminster is wrong. Denying Scotland the right to choose a better future is not just wrong – it’s stupid too. Nothing is more likely to increase support for independence. – Yours, etc.,

K Heath, Cortachy, Kirriemuir


Pledge from candidate

Sir, – The unity of steely determination and resolve so admirably displayed across all parliaments, devolved assemblies, and political and religious viewpoints sent a powerful message to those who would wish us harm, you will never succeed.

No matter how the future political landscape across these Islands develops a common bond of shared security and wellbeing in maintaining a free and democratic society can and must prevail.

It filled me with dismay that even as the tragic events at Westminster were unfolding and within a heart beat of the decision to suspend the Holyrood debate the lunatic fringe came alive on social media theorising that it was all a conspiracy engineered to subvert the impending independence referendum vote.

Respect for common decency forbids me from commenting further on this and subsequent vile and outrageous social media content.

I am standing in the upcoming council elections and expect that those issues important to us on a local level will be overshadowed by the prospect of another independence referendum.

Even if this were to be the case I have no reason to expect other than a healthy passionate and respectful discourse and heckling between both sides and none to take place by the vast majority of the electorate, idiots excepted.

Therefore, to those, from whatever quarter, who seek to undermine a fair and democratic election I will make it crystal clear:

NOT IN MY NAME, will you now or ever speak for me.

NOT IN MY NAME, will you ever represent my democratic beliefs.

NOT IN MY NAME, will I ever allow you to venomously insult or intimidate myself or anyone associated with my campaign. – Yours etc.,

Ron Sturrock, Conservative candidate for Montrose & District

Local economy

Empty shops must be tackled

Sir, – I can only agree with the Reader’s Letter in last week’s issue about empty shops in Montrose. Surely we must be grateful for Montrose High Street premises which remain open and should support them in every way we can.

I understand that another two High Street shops are to close soon, both having been with us for many years, and if this keeps going on we are going to have more shops closed than open.

We are soon to have an Angus Council election. Could all prospective candidates come out and say what they propose to do to try and get more people to take on the empty shops?

Surely one of the actions is to get the council rates reduced and give encouragement to the shops’ owners to continue. – Yours etc.,

Realist 2, (Name and address supplied)


The most costly play-pen ever

Sir, – Brechin Charrette recently announced the completion of one of its several “challenges” – the upgrade of the link from the Caledonia Railway to the High Street via Braik’s Close.

The council has also announced a desire to demolish the old Damacre School where the inventor of radar and one of Brechin’s most famous artists received their early learning, and respectfully suggest that the council would be better advised to take action to ensure the immediate demolition of the two festering warts at the High Street/Braiks Close intersection – this latest “vision” for Brechin forgot to mention the need for hard hats and hard boots!

Your pages have reported on the demise of many of Brechin’s public buildings.

My good friend and well-known Brechiner Alan Murray has again been proven to be correct.

The most recent revelation – the vision for Pictavia, built in the wrong place and against a unanimous uproar of Brechin voices at the time, now to become the most costly play-pen ever. Brechin Community Council should see to it that all financial transactions relating to Pictavia are independently audited and published in the Brechiner. – Yours etc.,

John Ritchie,(via email)


It could have been far worse

Sir, – The country needs to man up. The Westminster atrocity was clearly perpetrated by a single deranged individual of limited intelligence.

Each day accidents on our roads create a greater toll of carnage. The next time we face an organised competent group of Islamist terrorists, the slaughter will be very considerably worse, and we will still need to go about our daily business despite them and their vile ideology. – Yours, etc.,

Otto Inglis, (Address supplied)

Terror attack

Time for GCHQ to have a free hand

Sir, – It was bound to come – a lone, knife-carrying, terrorist “armed” with a car mowed down the innocent in the street before stabbing a policeman to death in multicultural London. The hard part about handling modern terrorism is that its protagonists are assimilated into our society, often welcomed as refugees, and we are betrayed by this enemy within.

Muslim suicidalists, with their deluded concept of heaven and happy to perish even as they murder, are much more difficult to contain than the IRA who wanted to survive. The challenge is to strike a balance between protecting us from evil and stifling the very liberties we want to preserve but GCHQ can tap my phone or internet any time they want. – Yours, etc.,

Rev Dr John Cameron, (Address supplied)