Letters to the Editor 29.3.12

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In December 2011, I was a patient in the Surgical Unit of Stracathro Hospital for a hip replacement, and I have nothing but praise for the care, courtesy and professionalism of the surgeons, doctors and nurses in carrying out their duties.

It made me realise how fortunate we are to have this hospital and how essential it is for people like me who live outwith the local community.

Stracathro Hospital is a necessity!

I must also mention the cleanliness of the ward, it was spotless! a credit to the Domestic Staff.

I will not hesitate to return and have my second hip replacement in the near future.

With grateful thanks.

Yours etc.,

Stella Masson,

Westhill, Aberdeenshire.


I was a little concerned to read Alan Ducat’s comment about politicians in last week’s Advertiser in which he somewhat dismissively describes them as ‘people who know better than us how to run our own lives’.

General denigration of politicians poses real risks for the health of the body politic.

For representative democracy to function well it requires magnanimity and vigilance on the part of the electorate and a strong sense of public service on the part of those who represent the electorate.

As chair of Brechin Churches Together I have chaired hustings of candidates for both the Westminster and Holyrood elections and been impressed with the the calibre of those offering themselves for election.

In the past Brechin has been represented by people such as Alick Buchanan-Smith and John Swinney.

Our current representatives continue that tradition of public service.

None of the above rules out lively debate on issues such as what is the best way to curb alcohol abuse but such discussions should be argued on the facts of the case and not on generalised sideswipes at those who have the responsibility for making the law in this area.

Yours etc.,

David Mumford (The Rev.),

St. Andrew’s Rectory, Brechin.


There seems to be an apathy within Brechin over the proposed celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Glamis Castle.

The community council should surely be taking a lead here.

The community council is meant to represent the people, not a political party.

Where are all the organisations we have in Brechin?

We should be seeing people like the Round Table, pageant Queen, the Judo Club and other young people’s clubs and organisations such as Probus, the golf clubs and the bowling club.

A lot goes on in Brechin and this should be on show.

At the moment there are only three organisations which have looked to take part. There is a marquee to be filled so come on Brechin! Get moving on this.

Yours etc.,

Pauline Kettlewell,

Church Street, Brechin.