Parking, dog fouling and community council - letters to the Editor

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The new community council will soon be up and running, but will it get the nod from Brechin folk?

Will it really make a difference to our town, our small City? Can it help to lift the gloom that is around?

Although there’s nothing certain there are things that’s in its favour, it’s that 14 folk believe it’s worth a shot, because they really do believe that there is hope and real potential to make our small City proud again.

So all of you Brechiners, who are 16 plus and over, and your name is entered on the electoral roll.

If you care about our City take a wander down the road, and at the Damacre Centre cast your vote.

Voting is from Monday, December 5 to Saturday, December 10; times of voting can be found on posters around Brechin.

Yours etc.,

Grahame Lockhart



Regarding the proposed no waiting restrictions at Southesk St/St Ninian’s Place.

The article relating to various proposed traffic restrictions last week has brought some swift responses from various businesses in the immediate area.

Hardly six months down at the badly pot holed road, and the ‘new build outs’ are deemed to be causing ‘concerns’.

At the time this issue was last in your paper, these same businesses highlighted the effect of the works and called for it to be reversed and the whole structure ripped out.

The officials in charge decreed that they were acting to solve pedestrian safety with four accidents over a three year period at that location. We were told to wait and see how the matter resolved itself.

Now, officials wish to enforce further traffic restrictions, again without consultation!

The official report to councillors estimates the cost to be £700, over a total of 10 locations spread throughout the County.

Hardly headline grabbing (compared to an extra £150k for more consultations on the Flood issue slipped in to another report), so what are these restrictions to involve?

Whatever they are, it can only mean less car parking in the Burgh.

At many a meeting I have attended over the last two decades, the acute lack, and loss of parking, is always an issue raised.

Angus Council Roads officials seem to think that all traffic should just bypass Brechin, and at a time when almost every business is feeling the pinch, every space lost means another lost customer, then another empty shop.

The time is coming when a complete review of the priorities of that department need to be called into question, with a more pressing need to start repairing pot holes – permanently - starting with the one at the junction of Southesk St/St Ninian’s Place.

Yours etc.,

Douglas Murray,


Brechin Business Association.


I have two dogs that are on leads when I am out walking them, so I know what they are doing.

In the Provost Buchan area of town we have major problems outside our front door with dog mess, and have done for years.

The people who do not have their dogs on a lead can’t always see what they are doing.

I have even had dog mess on my doorstep.

My neighbour has picked up bags full of dog mess and she does not even own a dog.

If my dogs do escape I panic in case they get hurt or knocked down.

I do not allow my dogs to wander on their own.

If one ever does escape please tell me and let me know if they have messed and I will clean it up immediately.

Yours etc.,

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