Brechin City specials

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BRECHIN butcher Gavin Brymer (pictured) and his staff have set up their very own tribute to Brechin City with the introduction of the “Brechin City specials” ahead of Saturday’s big quarter-final tie.

The beef and pork sausages, which are of the usual high standard expected from Brymers, underline the Glebe Park club’s colours.

Gavin, himself a talented junior player in his much younger days, admitted that there was another motivation for the introduction of the special bangers. He said: “My wife has spent the last week trying to get the better of me at her hairdressing salon in Market Street as the shops all get decorated before the cup-tie, but I know for a fact this isn’t something she will be able to match or better. Then again I don’t have many customers in asking me to do a perm for them!”

You can pick up your tasty Brechin City specials at Brymers, St David Street, Brechin.