Brechin Pirates see some action at Carnoustie junior tournament

SUNDAY saw the Pirates attending the first major tournament of the year, travelling to Carnoustie.

The Micros had a good turnout of eight players and played three matches.

They met some stiff competition from teams with more P3 players but managed to put in a plucky performance with tries from Nicholas Leslie-Melville, Alix Morland and Arran Murray.

Jamie Fraser and Jamie Leslie-Melville put in some great tackles, thwarting a few try attempts from the opposition.

Meggan Massie and Leah Murray did some great running and Rachel Johnston had a good interception, setting up a try.

The team continue to develop and improve with each match played and thouroughly enjoy themselves.

The team: Jamie Fraser,Rachel Johnston, Jamie Leslie-Melville, Nicholas Leslie-Melville, Meggan Massie, Alix Morland, Arran Murray and Leah Murray. Coaches Duncan Ritchie and Dianne Morland.

The Mini’s only had four players so they mixed with Montrose to make a harlequins team. They played three matches. The first against Montrose was a close run draw with both teams attacking and difending well. Cameron Ritchie scored his first try and Tom Marwood and Jack Wood put in some amazing tackles. The Pirates lost the two subsequent games. Strathmore took advantage of the mixed team and didn’t give very many opportunities for Brechin to get themselves into the game. Carnoustie were able to score two quick tries at the start of their match which made things difficult for the Pirates in the third game. Jack wood and Tom Marwood continued to tackle well and Cameron Ritchie and Ross Collie gave good supportive play, but they couldn’t get back into the game. The team remain positive, though as they have had so many good wins this season and are looking forward to next week’s tournament at Strathmore. The Team:Ross Collie, Tom Marwood, Cameron Ritchie and Jack Wood. Coach Malcolm Sharpe would like to thank the Montrose players who joined his team.

The P6/7’s were also frustrated by lack of numbers with only four Brechin players available. They joined up with Panmure to make a harlequins team. They had a win against Arbroath and a draw aganst Carnoustie before being narrowly beaten by Montrose and Mackie. They put up a tremendous performance against bigger opposition, often playing without breaks between the matches. They were being turned over in the rucks but took some big hits getting the ball back. Much of the play was concentrated in the middle of the field with the boys often running into traffic, but some great supportive play saw the team retaining the ball and getting it out to the wings for players to score. Tom Greasley, Lewis Hill and Andrew Marwood put in a constant barrage of tackles across the field while Josh Sharpe excelled in the scrum showing sound discipline holding the line. Coaches Colin Tinsley and Taylor Wood would like to thank Steve, the Panmure coach, for his positive encouragement, and of course all the Panmure players.