City chief Ken Ferguson: We’re still gutted

Brechiin City chairman Ken Ferguson - looking forward to Saturday's Scottish Cup clash with St. Johnstone at the Glebe.
Brechiin City chairman Ken Ferguson - looking forward to Saturday's Scottish Cup clash with St. Johnstone at the Glebe.

Brechin City chairman Ken Ferguson admitted the club is still disappointed with their play-off semi-final defeat to Alloa Athletic.

City crashed out 2-1 on aggregate after a superb display at the Indodrill Stadium in the second leg wasn’t enough to overturn a poor display at Glebe Park just three nights earlier.

Ferguson said that the club wanted desperately to be in the final with a place in the Championship on the table.

He said: “We’re very disappointed. It’s extremely disappointing for all concerned. It was a very strong performance and to not take the game to extra-time was a big disappointment. The goal we lost at Brechin in the 92nd minute did the damage. The players did everything they could on the Saturday to recover that, but they just couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net for a second time.

“The atmosphere is still of disappointment because the play-offs are still going on and we wanted to be in the final. Forfar have done a fantastic job and they’ll of course now face Alloa. We wanted to be there, there’s just no getting away from that.

“I would say it was a re-enactment of the last play-offs with Alloa. We weren’t at our best at Glebe Park on the Wednesday, but we have to remember that some of our players start shifts at six in the morning then they’re still playing at nine o’clock at night. It’s not ideal for them playing these games but there are no excuses, Alloa were better on the Wednesday night. We were able to up our game for the Saturday and certainly put in a strong performance.”

The chairman added that the suggestiom from some quarters that his side didn’t want to gain promotion was an absurd one, pointing to the money spent in pursuit of that goal.

Ken said: “I’ve had maybe half a dozen people say to me already ‘oh you didn’t want to go up anyway’ but I can assure you we absolutely wanted to go up, that was our aim at the club. There was a lot of money spent in bonuses and other features to get us there, so why on earth would we not want to go up?

“It’s just disappointing we didn’t get over this final hurdle. We’re all volunteers at the club, we’re all community people and our hearts are in the club. We all want success. You want to give your supporters the best you can.”

It’s case of regrouping for another promotion push now then and Ferguson knows his management team will be a big asset in attracting players to the club.

He added: “It’s Ray, Grant and Darren as a team and the three of them are just an excellent team. We’re in the course of signing up players for next season.

“There’s a strong feeling about the club. I’m sure other clubs are speaking to some of our players just now but we’re doing everything we can to get the strongest team together we can for next season.

“The management have got a good reputation in Scottish football, the clubs and players view this as a good one to come to.”