“Draw of football” too much

NEW BRECHIN City manager Ray McKinnon said that he will bring 100 per cent “dedication to the job” when he was officially unveiled as manager last Tuesday.

He commented: “I want to come in and make a difference. I feel I am capable of doing that.”

Mr McKinnon, who met the squad for the first time on Thursday, October 11, has vowed to give every player the chance to impress.

Brechin City had no match at the weekend due to international games, and Mr McKinnon welcomed the break, saying: “I will get time to assess [the players]. There are some players who haven’t played I’ve still got to assess. I will assess them over a period. They will all have their opportunity to impress and hopefully they will take it.”

He added: “I will be looking at the whole squad. There will be nobody getting dismissed. Everybody has their own opinion of players and I won’t be making any rash judgements on anybody. Everyone will get a fair chance.”

Addressing his priorities for the season, Mr McKinnon has said he will not set “targets” but added that the side “need to stop losing goals.”

Mr McKinnon hopes that by assessing his new squad, he will be able to determine the style of football he wants the team to play. He said: “Ultimately you want to be playing the best style of football you can play, but that comes down to players. You can’t play out from the back if you’ve not got players who can play from the back so again it comes down to assessing your players. Like anybody else I want to see attractive football being played, but that comes down your players, that comes down to your quality and the standard that they can do that.”

Mr McKinnon, who has played under Brian Clough and Jim McLean, said he has his own style of management, adding that “it’s important that everyone has their own style of management.”

He continued: “I don’t think it works if you try and mimic somebody else.”

Mr McKinnon joins the club after working for the SFA. Explaining his reasons behind leaving the job for management, he said: “I love the Saturday. I love the feeling. I love the passion in football. The draw of football was too big for me personally and I feel it was worth it to come in here and get the opportunity at a great club like Brechin and go and stamp my authority on the team.”

The former Notts Forest man is joined at Glebe Park by former Brechin City player and coach, Grant Johnson. Mr McKinnon is hopeful that the supporters will get behind the team.

He said: “I hope the fans see that we are coming in to make a difference. We will be training as hard as possible and working as hard as we can with the players to make them better and to improve the club as much as we can and hopefully the supporters can appreciate that.”