Gayfield clouds yield silver lining for City in the Cup

Andy Jackson, Alan Trouten and Stuart Anderson celebrate Jacko's opening goal of the game.
Andy Jackson, Alan Trouten and Stuart Anderson celebrate Jacko's opening goal of the game.

It might have been raining at Gayfield, but for Ray McKinnon’s men it was all sunshine as they forged ahead in their Scottish Cup campaign.

The weather before the game was verging on the torrential, but referee Des Roache gave the match his blessing, despite the heavy conditions underfoot.

The Lichties would later rue that decision, as City put two goals in the net to allow them to continue their cup campaign.

The homesters certainly seemed a little sluggish in the opening minutes, as Brechin swarmed their opposition and tried their luck with a couple of early chances, including one from Alan Trouten which kept Scott Morrison on his toes.

Colin Hamilton came out all guns a-blazing, and after fouling Paul McLean and minutes later Trouten, he earned himself the first yellow of the day after just nine minutes, remonstrating with the ref.

City didn’t have it all their own way, and David Banjo soon made his presence felt with a powerful run up the flank.

However, his cross to captain Ross Chisholm was off, and the opportunity was lost.

There was a good deal of back and forth, and Arbroath’s best chance came about 15 minutes in when Banjo again broke out down the left.

Brechin responded strongly, with Trouten making another stab at goal down the left, but his effort went skyward.

City kept the pressure on with probing attacks ,and the visitors came close again with Steven Robb pushing through, only for Colin Hamilton to get between him and the goal.

Craig Molloy put a punishing tackle on Steven Milne and earned Brechin’s first of two yellows on the 27 minute mark.

More back and forth ensued, with both Bobby Linn and Bayne creating chances, but a combination of blustery conditions and poor finishing prevented Arbroath from taking the lead.

The stalemate continued with Brechin continuing to pressure Arbroath but the hosts held on grimly until the whistle.

Arbroath 0, Brechin 0

The Lichties came flying out of the trenches in the second half and immediately put Brechin on the defensive, and a hasty tackle by Stuart Anderson in the first minute earned him a yellow and put an end to a decent run by Linn.

For the first time, Arbroath look dominant, but once again, a lack of killer instinct robbed them of the advantage.

On the 57th minute, City’s Andy Jackson opened the scoring after finding himself deep inside the Arbroath line and on the receiving end of a fortuitous cross from Trouten.

Undeterred, Arbroath hit back, and for the next few minutes, Linn was well positioned to take at least two shots, but luck and a bolstered Brechin defence foiled him.

Prolific Arbroath goal-scorer Alan Cook was brought on for Chisholm on the 65 minute mark, and Brechin also took the opportunity to swap out Anderson for Derek Carcary.

Jackson continued to be a problem for the Arbroath defence, and formed a dangerous partnership with Carcary and Robb to keep Morrison on his toes.

Brechin swapped out Robb for Steven Jackson after 74 minutes, and the fresh legs helped City to dog the now slightly desperate-looking Lichties.

With around five minutes to go, Lari Yao came on for Banjo.

Keddie and Travis created a good chance after pushing into the Brechin half, but they were foiled by a sparky defence.

In the final two minutes, Trouten weaved his way around a static defence and slotted the ball past Morrison to make the score 2-0 and effectively end the game.

In the dying minutes, Travis found himself booked for a poor tackle on A. Jackson, and Kieran McWalter played out the last minute or so in place of Sibanda.