Well done to the champs!

A BRECHINER has warmly praised the achievements of a group of talented young people from the town.

“The young people I refer to are the players of the Brechin City Youths Football Club Under-15 team who, on Sunday, succeeded in being crowned champions of the Dundee and District Youth Football P. Gibson League,” explains Alistair Thomson.

In this day and age our young people are often maligned and accused of being lazy, uncaring and anti social.

“However, over the course of the last seven months, the players in the under-15 team have shown an amazing amount of endeavour, discipline, skill and team spirit all of which have undoubtedly contributed to their achievements on the football pitch.

“The success of the team brings nothing but credit to the boys and of course the town itself.

“I am sure that the players would acknowledge the contribution towards their success made by the two coaches Scott Ferries and David Easton, who have both played a huge part in the team’s charge towards the title.

“Both give up their own time freely to coach and encourage the team and without them the team’s level of success would not have come to fruition.

“Well done to everybody connected with the team and all the very best for next season.

“I am sure you will all be an inspiration to the other young footballers in the town who play for the club at the various other age groups.

Boys take a bow, you can be proud of yourselves.”