Mid-way point in men’s darts league

THE LATEST results from the Brechin and District men’s darts league are as follows.

Park Bar A 3, Bridgend A 7; Eastend 1, Red Lion 9; Legion 8, Bridgend B 2; Parkview 6, Park Bar B 6; City Royal 1, Brechin Arms 9.

Quick legs were as follows:-

S. Porter and Bryan Thomson, 16 (doubles); M. Gibb, 16; A. Williams, 18; H. Ward, 18; K. Parsons and S. Strachan, 13 (doubles).

180’s - S. Porter (2); G. Will; C. Stewart.

High checkouts - M. Gibb, 123.

At the halfway point in the season, Red Lion are currently on top with 18 points, two above second placed Bridgend A.

The full list of positions and points are as follows:

1, Red Lion 18; 2, Bridgend A 16; 3, Park Bar A 13; 4, Legion 11; 5, Brechin Arms 11; 6, Bridgend Bar B 7; 7, Park Bar B 6; 8, Parkview 4; 9, City Royal 2; 10, Eastend 2.

There will be no league matches tonight (Wednesday, January 30).

The Bridgend Bar will instead be hosting a triples tournament (£2 a ahead), with registration taking place at 7.45 p.m.




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