35 personal best swims!

Brechin Beavers managed to achieve an amazing 35 personal best times at the latest mini-gala.

Swimmers received points for swimming at the mini-gala, with bonus points gained for swimming a personal best time.

Swimmers take part in five mini-galas over the year, with a trophy being awarded to the swimmer finishing at the top.

Points gained by the swimmers on Thursday, March 31 were as follows:-

Seven and under – Mara Gordon, 305 (3 PBs); Lisa Duncan, 300 (4 PBs); Joel Thomson, 290 (4 PBs); Jacob Smith, 250; Jazmine McMillan 200; Liam Willis, 170 (1 PB); Abbie Reid (2 PBs) and Lana Cheyne both received 140.

Eight and nine years – Aaron Angus, 290 (3 PBs); Cameron Ritchie, 240; Elle McMillan, 210 (2 PBs); Julliette Simpson, 190 (1 PB).

Ten to 11 years – Kerr Morrison, 290 (3 PBs); Olivia Swinscoe, 260 (2 PBs); Cameron Wellburn, 165; David Murney, 140;

12 – 13 years – Kirsten Duncan, 310 (3 PBs); Ryan McDonald, 260 (2 PBs); Beth Simpson, 225 (2 PBs); Fiona Nicoll, 150 (1 PB); Mia Torrie (2 PBs) and Courtney Morrison each received 140.

These points have been added to points gained in the previous mini-gala and sees Lisa Duncan sitting top of the seven and under category, Aaron Angus leading in the eight to nines, Kerr Morrison leading the ten to 11s and Kirsten Duncan on top of the 12 - 13s.

The next mini-gala is on Wednesday, June 29 which will give the swimmers another chance to add to the points they have already received.

Before that the club will be swimming at Tayside League galas on Saturday, May 7 at Arbroath and Saturday, June 11 at the Olympia in Dundee.