Anglers stunned by the death of a club stalwart

MEMBERS of Brechin Angling Club were stunned over the weekend to hear of the passing of one of its great stalwarts and personally a friend of over forty years.

Ken McIntosh, or Kenny Mac as he came to be fondly known, served the club as a committee member for over thirty years and it is only in the last three years that he stepped back from active involvement, to enjoy his fishing.

Ken was a very active competition fisher and a successful one, one of the few local anglers to master the use of dry fly and many stood in awe of his skill especially in his favourite position at Loch Saugh in a bay which became known as Kenny’s Bay.

You just knew where to find him, just up from the big rhododendron bush. Few have ever had a bay named after them, but that was the way it was with such a popular man.

I fished with Ken at Lintrathen last season and enjoyed it immensely.

He was a talented boat angler, as many can testify, and his conversation really made the time pass enjoyably.

In later years he was found on many days at Rescobie, where the title “one fly Ken” also became his tag.

I am sure he would pass on his secret, the Peach Tagged Hares Lug a fly which brought him so many fish.

We will all miss Kenny Mac, a true countryman and sportsman and our thoughts are with his wife Credwyn and family at this sad time.

Thanks to all who responded to my quest for mink on the Cruick and I am pleased to be able to tell you that they do not seem to be there at least in no great numbers.

It would appear that this was not the case a few years ago but something seems to have caused a massive reduction in numbers. Perhaps we will never know why.

Brechin Angling Club has taken delivery of two new weed sutters aimed at the increasing amount of weed in Loch Saugh.

At a demonstration held last weekend all present were very impressed and I, as one who has used the old machine ( a killer ), welcome the new kit.

Loch Saugh has suffered a large increase in weed growth over the past decade, perhaps due to global warming, and it was becoming ever apparent that an answer was needed.

I hope this will be the success required.

Tight Lines,

by Bill Balfour.