IT has been a good week for the anglers up at Lintrathen Loch, with limit bags still coming out and a few big fish with them.

Lintrathen regulars, with their local knowledge have done well, but in general, the Sawmill End has produced some of the best catches recently.

The flies which have taken fish were Silver Cormorants, Holograph Diawl Bachs, Silver Invicta and small Damsels.

Intermediate lines have been the choice of many with Sink Tips also taking fish.

The Scottish Water now has the Aerator back on, and anglers are requested to keep their distance from it.

Club results are as follows:- Broughty Ferry AC, two boats, seven fish for 8lbs 9ozs; Railway Inn, three boats boats, five for 9lbs; Aberfeldy AC, five boats, 19 for 30lbs; Grampian Police, three boats, 14 for 32lbs; First Aberdeen AC, nine boats, seven fish for 15lbs (including one at 3lbs 5ozs); Perth AC, four boats, 20 for 34lbs (including one at 5lbs 9ozs); Kincordie AC, two boats, three for 3lbs.

Individual boats:Ian Robertson, Dave Lennon and Willie Grant, nine for 23lbs; Tom Melville & Jim Galloway, ten for 24lbs; P. Wilson & M. Lees, ten for 22lbs; Scott Pozzi & Mr Paige, ten for 18lbs; Rab Gardiner, ten for 20lbs.