THINGS have been picking up a bit at Rescobie Loch of late, with some really good baskets coming off.

Despite the cold the fish are not lying particularly deep and are responding to anything from size 16 buzzers to Humungi !

While the Condor end was favourite for some time, anglers are reporting success all over the loch.

This was certainly the case on Saturday past when the association hosted the Scottish Junior Team.

As in previous years, the Aasociation members were given a lesson on how to catch fish by their junior opponents.

Some sizeable brown trout are being recorded. D. Blythe (Forfar) had one at 5lbs in his four for 27lbs and his 9lb 8 oz rainbow was on the leader board for Gow’s Fish of the Month for a short while.

A. Wood (Forfar) had four brownies for 12lb 8oz, J. Moncur (Invergowrie) had one at 6lb 4oz in his basket of four for 14lbs.

D. Milne (Arbroath) had one at 6lb 8oz in his four for 15lbs and G. Smith (Arbroath) had two for 11lb 12oz in his 4 for 27lb 12oz.

Some recent bank successes were as follows:- C. Munro (Forfar) had four for 15lbs on one session and four for 16lb 8oz on another.

His 9lb rainbow being on the leader board for a while. A. Thomson (Arbroath) four for 22lbs, G. Gall (Arbroath) four for 8lb 12oz, R. Beedie (Brechin) four for 13lb 8oz, M. Heenan (Arbroath) three for 16lbs.

From the boats: G. McAllan (Arbroath) had four for 25lbs, Mr Joe (Dundee) four for 14lbs, P. Moir (Dundee) four for 28lb 8oz, including one at 14lb 8oz, R. McLaren (Perth) four for 11lbs, D. Robertson (Brechin) four for 11lb 4oz, P. Fordyce (Forfar) three for 13lbs, including one at 8lb 4ozs and J. Malloch (Letham) four for 15lb 2oz.

On the leader board for Gow’s Fish of the Month is L. Shepherd (Arbroath) with a 10lb rainbow.

May 24 sees the Scottish Ladies Team take on the might of England, Ireland and Wales at the Lake.

Rescobie will be represented at the event by Kathleen Shepherd and everyone at the loch wishes her well.