Angling club hold presentation night

Pictured are the prize winners
Pictured are the prize winners

Brechin Angling Club held their Annual general meeting and presentation of trophies on Sunday, December 7, at the Bridgend Bar, Brechin.

Brechin Angling Club trophy winners for the 2014 season were:

MacKenzie and Duncan Trophy, Club Champion - 
R. Gray.

Reserve Championship Cup - K. Craig.

Fraser Fashion Cup - J. Craig.

Boat Champion- J. Craig.

River Champion- K. Craig.

Mackie Motors and Thomson Medal Fly Fishing Champion - K. Craig.

Clark Shield - J. Craig.

Steel Cup - K. Craig.

Syme Trophy - K. Craig.

Bridgend Bar Rosebowl - T. Kelly.

Wm. Hutchison Centenary Trophy - K. Craig.

Wm. Craig Shield - J. Craig.

Brig O’ Dun Trophy - J. Craig.

Loch Saugh Fly Fisher - R. Gray.

Saturday Competition - R. Gray.

Wednesday Competition - S. Robertson.

Gourlay Rosebowl - R. Gray and K. Craig.

Margaret Folkard Cup - K.McIntosh.

125 Trophy - A. Ewart.

Ladies Champion Shield - K. Clark.

Wm. Craig Memorial Shield - S. Robertson.

D. Finlayson Memorial Trophy - G. Armstrong.

Bill Hampton 50th Anniversary - C. Smith.

Thanks are expressed to K. Clark for kindly presented the trophies.

During the annual general meeting, the following office bearers and committee were elected:

President - K. Craig; vice-president - B. Anderson; treasurer - I. Runcie; secretary - S. Robertson; committee - A. Wallace, C. Smith, J. Craig, K. Mackie, E. Bannister, W. Smith, G. Keir and 
D. Marfizo.