Angus secure emphatic darts win

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Angus darts logo

THE ANGUS county darts team, Angus Ravens, romped home to victory against East Stirlingshire, during their match on February 9.

None of the four Angus teams lost an encounter, winning three of the sections and drawing one. Surprisingly, it was the men’s A team who were the only ones not to secure a victory, earning a six all draw instead.

First up was the women’s B team, who only dropped one leg across all four ties as they eased to victory.

The men’s B team, who have struggled in previous ties with nerves, seem to have adapted to the county set-up as they took a 4-2 win overall. Brechin player, Simon Porter, secured his first county maximum during his convincing three nil win.

The women’s A team lost their first tie, but went on to secure the next five, leaving the men’s A team with the job of securing just two wins to secure the overall victory.

The men’s A team went one better, as they won six ties, giving Angus an incredible 19-9 victory on the day.

Player of the match trophies were up for grabs in each of the sections, with Angus players securing all four. The women’s B team player of the match was Debbie Stuart, who hit a one dart average of 13.92.

The men’s B team player of the match was Robert Brophy who clocked an average of 20.88.

Angie Johnston was the women’s A team player of the match with a 19.03 one dart average.

Alan Soutar hit an impressive 27.23 average to secure the men’s A team player of the match.

The full results are as follows (Angus players first):-

Women’s B team - Heather Cruickshank 2, Lorna Murray 1; Diane Pedgrift 2, Carol Dryden 0; Debbie Stuart 2, Janet Copeland 0; Fiona Smith 2, Kim Thornton 0.

Men’s B team - Ryan Cameron 2, Craig Smith 3; Bill Stirling 3, Nickie Adamson 1; Ally Forsyth 3, Robert Nelson 2; Simon Porter 3, Derek Shields 0; Scott Winder 0, Alan Burnett 3; Robert Brophy 3, David Kerr 0.

Women’s A team - Elaine Green 1, Lorna Murray 3; Pauline Nicoll 3, Kim Thornton 0; Jackie Demster 3, Helen Beaursken 1; Angie Johnston 3, Lainey McEwan 0; Angie Isbister 3, Claire McCallum 0; Emma Smith 3, Tammy Armstrong 0.

Men’s A team - John McLean 0, Steve Johnson 3; Andy Stott 3, Ian Robertson 2; Paul Fairnington 2, Alan Burnett 3; Steve Green 3, Nickie Adamson 2; Mark Thomson 1, Andy Murray 3; Alan Soutar 3, Darren Walls 1; John Barr 2, John Devine 3; Allan Begg 3, Gordon Hastings 2; Alan Lillico 3, Brian Donaldson 0; Keith Law 3, Derek Penn 2; Wayne Law 0, Scott McLeod 3; Kevin Whyte 0, Alex Lister 3.

Angus, who are currently sixth in the Scotland North league, travel to Inverness for their next fixture on March 2, where they will take on the Highlands, who are third in the League.