Angus tumble to Tay Valley

THE ANGUS County Darts team suffered a narrow loss at home to Tay Valley, as the visitors secured six more ties to take the overall match 17-11.

It was all square after the first round of matches, with the women’s B teams sharing the spoils at two wins each. Player of the match for Angus was Amanda Smith with a one dart average of 18.56.

Up next was the men’s B teams, and Tay Valley showed their strength as they took the round 4-2. It was unlucky for some the Angus players, especially Bill Stirling who, despite a 23.65 dart average found himself on the end of a defeat. Player of the match for Angus was David Melvin with a 20.82 dart average.

It was a comprehensive loss for the Angus women’s A team as they only secured one. It was perhaps an unsurprising result given that the Tay Valley women’s A team are top of the rankings for Scotland North. Only Jackie Dempster secured a victory and earning the Angus player of the match with a 16.16 dart average.

With Tay Valley currently leading 11-5, the Angus men’s A team had to win ten ties to take the overall match. Unfortunately, a 6-6 draw in the last tie of the day, gave Tay Valley the win. Alan Soutar and Paul Fairnington were joint players of the match for Angus, both hitting a 27.33 dart average and both securing 3-0 victories.

The full list of results were as follows (Angus players first):-

Women’s B team - Amanda Smith 2, Susan Russell 0; Diane Pedgrift 0, Elaine Keith 2; Elaine Green 2, Cath Millar 0; Kimmy Elder 1, Moira Coughlin 2.

Men’s B team - Paul Rae 2, Colin Coutts 3; Ryan Cameron 1, Kevin Clark 3; Bill Stirling 0, Mark Smith 3; Simon Porter 2, Ian Jolly 3; Robert Brophy 3, Kevin Pattie 1; David Melvin 3, Andy Edwards 2.

Women’s A team - Emma Smith 3, Kelly Thomson 0; Jackie Demster 3, Jenny White 0; Debbie Stuart 0, Kate Smith 3; Pauline Nicoll 1, Rone Mollison 3; Angie Johnstone 1, Irene Hancock 3; Angie Isbister 0, Janice Rogers 3.

Men’s A team - Kevin Whyte 3, Clive Duncan 2; Alan Soutar 3, John Feeney 0; Allan Begg 1, Gordon Will 3; Andy Sott 3, Alan Manzie 0; Alan Lillico 2, Glen Parsons 3; John Barr 0, Ross Parsons 3; Paul Fairnington 3, Jim Bowman 0; Mark Thomson 3, John Fleming 1; Ally Forsyth 2, Paul Coughlin 3; Steve Green 2, Rab Cree 3; Wayne Law 3, Mike Reilly 2.