Brechin Darts summer league

ACTION is underway in the Brechin Summer Darts League.

The teams have been split into three groups.

In group one, Bridgend B have the early advantage, with 26 points from two outings, ahead of the Red Lion (21 points from two games), Park Bar A (17 points from two games), Bridgend A (12 points from one outing) and Legion A (eight points from one game).

In group two, the early leaders are Brechin Arms and Park Bar B (14 points from one game), ahead of East End A and Legion B (seven points).

The group three leaders are East End B (13 points, leading Parkview (11), City Royal (10) and Victoria Bar (8).

The maximum 180 players are G. Parsons (two), R.Parsons, R. Mollison, B. Thomson and M.Coull.

High finishes: 120 - I. Harper and L. Milne.

Quick legs: 14 - G. Parsons, 17; -R. Parsons 17, J. Bisset & M. Reid.