Estate’s £500 boost for international trip

TWO teenage anglers from Brechin are looking forward to representing their country for the first time later this summer.

Martin Runcie and Jack Hamilton have been selected as part of the Scottish national youth team for the forthcoming home international competition to be held in Ireland.

The competition will involve Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and will take place on Loch Owel over four days at the beginning of August.

Brechin Angling Club is delighted to have two members in the Scottish squad, and Martin Runcie explained that he is looking forward to representing his country for the first time.

Of course, the trip would not have been possible without local support in raising the necessary funds to meet the costs of travel and accommodation.

There was a tremendous boost on Friday evening, when Hugh Campbell Adamson popped along to the Bridgend Bar in Brechin to hand over a £500 donation from Stracathro and Careston Estates.

Presenting the cheque to Brechin Angling Club, Hugh said it was great for Brechin Angling Club to have members representing their country at the sport.

“Nowadays, with the costs of travel and such, it is important that we make sure that the lads are as well equipped as possible to enable them to compete on equal terms with teams from other countries.

“We at Stracathro and Careston Estates wanted to lend our support to Brechin Angling Club’s bid to finance the trip in recognition of the club’s super job in running angling in this area.

“Their complaint to European Commission against the Scottish government’s failure to protect spring salmon stocks is an example to all of us on how local clubs should be run.”

Looking forward to playing his part in the Scottish national youth team’s bid to win gold in Ireland, Martin Runcie (aged 16) thanked Stracathro and Careston Estates for the donation.

He also thanked members of Brechin Angling Club and other members of the public who have pitched in to help meet the costs of the trip, saying he and Jack would do their best to repay everyone by bringing success home to Scotland.