Future of wild fisheries discussed

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Much is happening behind the scenes in the world of freshwater fisheries with the local Esks Fisheries Board holding it’s annual general meeting at the Northern Hotel on June 2, at 6.30 p.m.

Under the new system of openness the public can attend. Meetings have been held across Scotland in order to gauge feelings on the future of wild fisheries. The Wild Fisheries Review was promised by Alex Salmond and it appears to be progressing extremely well with many organisations and individuals registering views.

Anglers across the country are justifiably worried about Rod Licences and the Scottish Anglers National Association are fighting on their behalf with a strong no while the association of Fisheries Boards seems to be promoting the same. Being involved with both I am backing SANA as I feel the angler today has and is willing to pay good money for their fishing already. My colleagues on the SANA Migratory Fish Committee will continue to lobby for the possibility of having a licence being taken from the remit.

The most controversial part of the consultation is the omission of Salmon Farming, something many can’t understand as it has a huge impact on wild salmon stocks. I hope we get an improved system of wild fish management but if you have a subject which concerns you, write to your MP or to the revue itself.

Signs of a better early sea trout run have been reported on both Esks and I’ve high hopes that we will get enough water to allow them to get into the rivers. Salmon are slowing up but this was expected as the dreaded nets are fishing the shore again, but we had a better spring.

Brechin Angling Club have been spraying giant hogweed on the riverbank downstream of the town, proving they are in favour of eradicating an invasive species on our rivers.