Keep up the pressure

Reporting beats on the South Esk over the last three weeks total eight salmon.

Yes, there have been more caught by other beats but the reporting beats are among the best and it is bordering on the unbelievable.

Last Friday evening I stood on the banks of the Tay and watched anglers cast over a good head of salmon although, while I was there only a very short battle and loss took part, but they had fish in the river.

Why? Why do we have to put up with this on a river designated an area of special conservation for Atlantic Salmon (ASC)?

Why, when we all know what is wrong does this continue.?

Yes the coastal nets are fishing again and with the blessing of our local MPs and the Scottish Government this is unlikely to change.

Surely this blindness in the corridors of Edinburgh must come to a head and an enquiry must take place before these returns are nil, nil, nil.

This river used to be a major employer with full time bailiffs on nearly all the beats, but now we have one and this in a time of high unemployment.

This river used to be a major source of revenue for local farms and estates, all going towards, high assessments and many more jobs.

This river is unique in the fact that it has a major population of freshwater mussels and they are in grave danger of becoming extinct because of the ignorance of those in power.

We should be proud of our population of these iconic fish which draw sportsmen from all over the world, but on come the blinkers and they are left to become a species endangered.

I fear this article will be ignored as many by more qualified than me have been, but I will never give up.

And, with the backing of anglers from everywhere we will eventually win.

Anglers please put on all pressure you can.

Write to your councillors, write to your netting friendly MPs. Write to the government, support the works of the Fisheries Boards, support bodies like S & TA and support you local angling club, which has had the courage to take this inadequate government to the European Council.

Fighting together we will, I assure you, win.