Latest angling news from across the county

Forbes of Kingennie

For the first time this year it’s really feeling like spring with the daffodils coming out and some nice wee hatches of buzzers bringing fish up to the surface. The settled weather has given the water a chance to clear and clarity is getting better in all the ponds, with Boathouse being very clear again.

The Boathouse has been steady with anglers all week and returns have been good. A real mix of patterns and methods have taken fish from dries to big lures. On Saturday the Wilson party had an outstanding day, returning 44 fish to their three rods, most of the fish taken on a bung with a watzit. Mr Mills kept his three fish for 7lb 9oz and put a couple back. Mr Westland put back eight on buzzers and a fab with one estimated at 11lb.

The Burnside has been a bit hit or miss, with some anglers doing very well and some finding it hard. Lures have been the go-to method but buzzers have outfished them most of the time. Mr Birse had 20 fish pulling a white and yellow lure, Mr Jones had 19 returned on buzzers, Mr Costello had six on buzzers, Mr Thompson returned eight on bloodworms and Mr Cheetam kept five for 12lb and put back six on green pheasant tails.

The Bankside again has seen the least pressure and fished well to those who have found the fish. Mr Hogg had eight fishing the bung while Mr Barlow had nine one day and eight the next fishing buzzers. Mr Osler had five on a green watzit.

The Woodside has been getting busier, with some good returns. Spinners have been great for finding fish and getting fast action but the float is still working. Mr Taylor and Mr Balfour had six fish for 11lb on spinners, Mr Hamilton had four for 7lb on the fly and Mr Torrance had four for 8lb 12oz.

Rescobie Loch

The fishing season has started. Who would think winter has passed already? As usual there has been much work done over the winter - the most noticeable is better access at the boathouse although this still needs finished off.

Opening day saw 14 boats venture out in the blustery conditions, and 29 fish weighed in, with some anglers catching the four fish limit. M Johnston caught an excellent brown trout of 7lb 4oz and C Pyke a rainbow trout of 5lb 12oz.

With weather conditions not good on Thursday, few anglers were fishing. Better conditions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday brought anglers to the loch with nearly all the boats out on the loch.