Line-up revealed for darts’ finals

The Hood Cup and Dizzy Cup final line-ups have been decided following the completion of the semi-final matches.

The Hood Cup will be contested by Bridgend A and Brechin Arms.

The results from the semi-finals were as follows:

Bridgend A 7, Park Bar A 3; Brechin Arms 6, Legion A 2.

The Dizzy Cup final will see City Royal face off against Legion B. The semi-final results were as follows:

City Royal 10, V&A 0; Parkview 2, Legion B 8.

The finals will both take place on March 12.

The team from the Brechin Arms will play Bridgend A at the Park Bar, while Legion B will take on City Royal at the Brechin Arms.

The league results for February 12, were as follows:

Brechin Arms 7, Legion B 3; Bridgend C 1, Bridgend B 9; Eastend 0, Bridgend A 10; Legion A 7, City Royal 3; Park Bar A 8, Parkview 2; Park Bar B, bye.

Three players hit 180s , and they were Bryan Thomson, Andrew Williams and Neil Cuthill.

Both Bryan Thomson and Martin Taylor recorded quick legs during their fixtures, both hitting 18 darters.