Martin and Jack help Scotland to bronze

Martin Runcie and Jack Hamilton did Brechin proud in Ireland in terrible conditions, gaining bronze medals for Scotland’s Junior Fly Fishing Team.

After two days of practice in variable conditions the match was fished on Loch Owel in near gale force wind.

Both boys weighed in two fish which was the average for the 12 man Scottish team.

The gold medal was won by England with 38 fish and Ireland were second with 28.

Scotland weighed in 24 fish and Wales 12.

Top rod was James Atkinson of England, who had seven trout and the heaviest fish was caught by Tom Dew of Wales at an ounce short of three pounds.

On the day, Martin shared a boat with one of the victorious English squad and Jack was with a member of the Wales team.

The Lough, according to Martin, was near unfishable on match day, with massive waves tossing the boats around and the anglers having to hold on to the side of the boats to avoid landing in the drink with the fish.

But they still enjoyed the experience and the good news is that they are young enough to go to the qualifying stages of event for next year.

However, a word from me, boys. At least one other Brechiner is snapping at your heels. Beware.

In a year where Brechin has seen a slight upsurge in events and such it is so good to see the youngsters of the town bring two medals (maybe not Olympic) but definitely international back to the ancient city.

Well done boys and on to next year.

Finally Jack and Martin would like to thank all who supported them in time and sponsorship. Without the massive support it would have been near impossible.

Well done the people of Brechin who supported the boys in any way, makes me proud to be a Brechiner.


by Bill Balfour.