Midland Golfer’s Alliance

This week the Midland Golfers’ Alliance held the JB Motors Team competition at Kirriemuir Golf Club in Angus.

There was a four-way tie for the scratch prize with Steven Cargill, Arbroath (1), Scott Graham, Arbroath (2), Willie Hutton, Pitlochry (1) and Bob Redpath, Scotscraig (5) all scoring one over par, 69.

Bob also lead the way in the handicap with a fine net score of 64 to win by two shots. Bob also topped of a fine day by leading his team of John Rankin, Scotscraig (7), Neil Henderson, Scotscraig (13) and Dennis Redford, Murrayshall (9) to a four shot win in the team competition with a score of 53.

Leading scratch Scores:- 69, S. Cargill, Arbroath (1); S. Graham, Arbroath (2); W. Hutton, Pitlochry (1); B. Redpath, Scotscraig (5); 70, M. Rae Alyth (AP); C. Knowles Panmure (AP); K. Bruce Edzell (2); A. Webster Edzell (P); 71, J. Strachan Royal Montrose (2); J. McCormack Kirriemuir (5); F. Robertson Elie (AP).

Leading handicap Scores: 64, B. Redpath, Scotscraig (5); 66, D. Spaven Pitlochry (9); J. McCormack Kirriemuir (5); 67, S. Graham, Arbroath (2); S. Mitchell Dukes (12); D. Adams Carnoustie (6); 68, S. Cargill, Arbroath (1); K. Bruce Edzell, (2); D. Redford Murrayshall (9); W. Hutton, Pitlochry (1).

Leading team scores: 53, B. Redpath, Scotscraig (5); J. Rankin, Scotscraig (7); N. Henderson, Scotscraig (13); D. Redford, Murrayshall (9); 57, N. Anderson Monifieth (scr); S. Blady Monifieth (5); S. Hills Monifieth (8); A. Reid Monifieth (11); 58, bih D. Ritchie Crieff (10); E. Starrit Crieff (14); B. Beamount Crieff (9); K. MacKenzie Crieff (6).

Qualifiers for the JTC Kitchen Express Midland Golfer’s Alliance Championship in April at Crieff are as follows:-

S. Cargill, Arbroath (1); B. Redpath, Scotscraig (5); J. Strachan Royal Montrose (2); J. McCormack Kirriemuir (5).

Qualifiers for the JTC Kitchen Express McQueen Shield at Crieff in April are as follows:0

B. Redpath, Scotscraig (5).

The next meeting of the Midlands Golfer’s Alliance is set to take place on Wednesday, November 7 at Fairmont Hotel, sponsored by Grant’s Promotions.