Midland Golfer’s Alliance latest

Arbroath team secure victory

This week the Midland Golfers’ Alliance held the Ian Cooke Catering Team Competition over a very windy Arbroath Links in Angus.

Graeme Brown (AP) from Montrose lead the way in the scratch with a superb two-under-par score of 68.

Steven Cargill (1) from Arbroath won the handicap prize with a great net score of 69. Steven also helped his team of Euan Rae (5) Arbroath, and Scott Arbuthnott (5), Arbroath, to the first prize in the team competition.

The leading scratch scores were as follows:-

68, G. Brown (AP), Montrose; 70, S. Cargill (1), Arbroath; 71, F. Mann (P), Carnoustie; 76, E. Rae (5), Arbroath; A. Webster (P), Edzell; J. Strachan (2), Montrose; S. Craig (P), Germany; 77, S. Arbuthnott (5), Arbroath; T. Mclevy (+1), Blairgowrie; 79, D. Hutchison (7), Murrayshall; S. Graham (Scr), Arbroath; G. Mitchell (5), Blairgowrie.

The leading handicap scores were as follows:-

69, S. Cargill (1), Arbroath; 71, E. Rae (5), Arbroath; S. Arbuthnott (5), Arbroath; 74, G. Mitchell (5), Blairgowrie; J. Strachan (2), Montrose; 75, A. Black (12), Tulliallan; 76, B.Crosbie (5), Blairgowrie; 77, A. Smith (7), Edzell; A. Reid (11), Monifieth; T. Lumsden (8), Monifieth.

The lead team scores were as follows:-

60, S. Cargill (1), Arbroath; E. Rae (5), Arbroath; S. Arbuthnott (5), Arbroath.

65, G. Brown (AP), Montrose; F. Mann (P), Carnoustie; M. McKenzie (AP), Edzell.

66, (bih) J. Strachan (2), Montrose; G. Tough (+1), Edzell; T. McLevy (+1), Blairgorie.

The qualifiers for the JTC Kitchen Express Midland Golfers’ Alliance Championship in April at Monifieth Links are G. Brown, S. Cargill and E. Rae.

The qualifier for the JTC Kitchen Express McQueen Shield at Monifieth Links in April is S. Cargill.

The next meeting takes places tomorrow (Thursday) from 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

The meeting will be a Pro Am at Scotscraig, sponsored by Hi-Tech Acoustic Services limited.