Pirates play well at Montrose

PIRATE RAID: Action from one of the matches played at Montrose.

PIRATE RAID: Action from one of the matches played at Montrose.

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Brechin Pirates’ Micros, P4/P5, P6/P7 teams were away to Montrose on Sunday, February 26.

The Micros had a great turn out of nine players - James May, Elizabeth May, Peter McLaren, Peter Marwood, Zarah Brown, Leon Reynolds, Blakey Spy, Caelan Porter and Jamie Leslie-Melville.

Playing seven on the field with two rolling subs the team got off to an explosive start with a quick try from Jamie Leslie-Melville.

This was followed by scores from Peter Marwood, who showed great tactical thinking to cross the line, and Blakey, who scored his first tries in a match.

There was great passing, determined tag chasing and spirited run from all the players – with fantastic enthusiasm from Caelan.

Peter Mclaren and Libby May were both in the thick of play, driving forward and supporting their team mates.

Coach Dianne Morland was very pleased with their performance, showing that the fantastic effort the kids have put in at training over the last few weeks is really starting to show.

The Brechin P4/P5s faced a well organised team from Montrose and it took a while to compose themselves and start to get into the game.

There were some good tackles made and eventually the Montrose line was broken to give a well ran try to Brechin’s Alix Morland which was quickly followed up by a second try by the new kid Guy O’Connell. The P6/P7 squad gave an excellent performance against a physically larger Montrose side.

From the outset the smaller Pirates met their opponents head on and, time and again, put their tackling talents to good use and early on, winning the ball, Kyle Healey went over the try line to make the first score and the first of his tries.

Montrose soon equalised and the game settled into an end-to-end competition with the action being evenly spread the full width of the pitch.

In the second half Montrose gained the upper hand, though the game continued to be evenly matched.

After the two halves were over both teams were still keen to carry on, so referee Scott granted a third ‘half’ and play continued.

There followed some remarkable rugby. New arrival from Blairgowrie, Henry O’connell, following great support, received the ball and went over to score under a pile of bodies in green Montrose shirts who just couldn’t stop him.

First Cain Anderson then Tom Marwood made some inspiring, defensive tackles against superior opposition which gained them praise from onlookers, coaches and the referee after the match.

Tom then went on to score a try of his own later in the third period.

The Pirates come to expect the stoic performance Jack Wood put in, quietly controlling the centre, frustrating and blocking the opposition, and pushing forward and creating space with Lee Robertson on his left using his size to bring down or force into touch the larger Montrose boys and Josh Sharpe on his right doggedly taking the ball into contact, taking some big hits and off-loading well in the congested centre.

Squad: Cain Anderson, Kyle Healey, Tom Marwood, Henry O’conell, Lee Robertson (Capt), Josh Sharpe, Jack Wood.

The coaches congratulated all the players on performances to be proud of and the day ended with the teams taking hot food and snacks in the Montrose clubhouse amid much analysis of the game.