Pretty ‘dour’ fishing at Lintrathen

THE number of anglers out on Lintrathen recently has been on the sparse side.

There is no doubt that the weather has played a big part in this.

Anglers who have ventured out on the better days have come off and described the fishing as “dour”.

However, fish have been taken but they have been hard work.

Fish have been coming to the surface around mid-day for about 45 minutes then going down.

Midge tip lines have done well using buzzers, dark nymphs and gold head damsels when the fish have been interested.

Club results are as follows:- James Hutton Institute, five boats, 10 fish for 14lbs 8ozs; Canmore Angling Club, four boats, 8 for 13lbs 8ozs; ABC&D Club, five boats, 18 for 29lbs 4ozs; Perth Ex-Serviceme , fiour boats, 10 for 8lbs 2ozs.

Individual boats: W. Brown & D.Forsyth, five for 7lbs 10ozs; Jim & Dave Moncur, six for 10 lbs; T. Melville & R. Malkowski, eight for 14lbs 8ozs; Ernie McKay & partner, five for 7lbs 4ozs; A. McAlister, four for 7lbs.