Prize guys pick up their awards

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EDzell Ladies’ Golf Club held their prize-giving recently. The prizes were awarded as follows:-

Duncraig Cup - Winner, J. Tough; Runner-up, J. Taylor.

Bronze Shield - Winner S. Cooper; Runner-up, A. Kerr.

Mitchell Trophy (West Water Course) - Winner, A. McMillan; Runner Up, M. Hutchison.

First Captain’s Cup - Winner, F. Black; Runner Up, J. Taylor.

Sheena Hay Trophy - Winner, P. Davidson; Runner Up, C. Brown.

Bradbury Cup - S. Mather.

LGU Medal Winner - Silver, J. Tough; Bronze, S. Mather.

Ulster Cup – April Stableford, L. Robertson; September Stableford, A. Hay.

Cancer Relief Spoon - C. Brown.

Tri-Am - J. Taylor, A. Middleton, C. Webster.

Mather Scottish Lamb Trophy - 1, E. Thomson; 2, C. Burnett; 3, P. Black.

Gleneagles Medal - C. Brown.

Dalhousie Cup - L. Robertson.

Centenary Trophy - Silver, C. Burnett; Bronze, R. Souter.

Golf Foundation Brooch - A. Middleton.

RSPCC Putter - S. Mather.

Fun Day 4 Ball Better Ball Stableford - A. Beadie and R. Souter.

SLGA Brooch - L. Graham.

Ringer Competition - J. Tough.

Eclectic (5/8Handicap) - 1. J. Tough; 2. E. Gillick; 3. C. Brown; 4. L. Robertson.

Grimster Quaich - H. Jolly.

SIMF Brooch – Silver, M Fraser; Bronze, E. Thomson.

Garvie Trophy - A. Middleton and C. Webster.

Kilvaxter Trophy - C. Farquhar. Somerville Chalice - S. Mather.

LGU Brooch (Breakthrough Breast Cancer Brooch) - A. Middleton.

Grant Rosebowl (Medal Final) - S. Mather.

Final Fling Trophy - K. Morrison. Betty Smith Trophy - J. Tough.

Closing Game Greensomes - A. Hay/McLauchlan.

Coronation Foursomes - P. Black and F. Black. Daily Mail Foursomes - P. Black and F. Black