Prize night for Brechin Ladies’ Golf Club

Pictured are all the Brechin Ladies' Golf club prize winners for 2013.
Pictured are all the Brechin Ladies' Golf club prize winners for 2013.

Brechin Ladies’ Golf Club held their annual prize giving evening on Friday, October 25, with Jane Tough crowned club champion.

The full list of competition winners from 2013 were as follows:-

Laing Millennium Trophy - Nancy MacKinnon.

3 Club Competition - Mary Macari.

SIMF Brooch (Bronze) - Norma Stewart.

SIMF Brooch (Silver) - Maura Campbell.

Midge Turriff Memorial - Kirstina Fairweather.

Coronation Foursomes - Muriel Mitchell and Jane Laing.

Limefield Cup (Silver) - Nancy McFarlane.

Limefield Cup (Bronze) - Norma Summers.

Gallaccio Cup - Kirstina Fairweather.

Eldridge Quaich - Joyce Brown.

Edzell Engineering Cup - Trudy Lindsay.

Murray Cup - Kirstina Fairweather.

SLGA Brooch - Marie-Ann Turriff.

M.E. Leiper Trophy - Jane Tough.

Halliday Trophy - Margaret Winton and Nancy McFarlane.

D. C. Stewart - Kirstina Fairweather.

Cancer Relief - Frances Wallace.

Medal Finals Silver - Margaret Winton.

Medal Finals Bronze - Kathryn Cons.

Consolation Cup - Pat Murray.

Centenary Cup - Maura Campbell.

LGU Breakthrough Brooch - Sinny Smith.

Autumn Cup - Jane Laing.

Fun Game - Kathryn Cons.

Eclectic Salver - Jane Tough.

Lizzie Bruce Eclectic - Nancy Mackinnon.

Wilson Trophy - Molly Napier.

Rev Jean Trophy - Helen Baird.

LGU Medals (Silver) - Fiona Watson.

LGU Medals (Bronze) - Helen Baird.

Runner-Up Mowatt - Fiona Watson and Jane Laing.

Mowatt Trophy - Maura Campbell and Mary-Rose Harkin.

Bennachie Bowl runner-up - Nancy Mackinnon.

Bennachie Bowl - Margaret Winton.

Guthrie Rosebowl runner-up - Kirstina Fairweather.

Guthrie Rosebowl - Muriel Mitchell.

Glen Quaich runner-up - Mary-Rose Harkin.

Glen Quaich (Bronze Champion) - Frances Wallace.

Trinity cup runner-up - Elaine Easton.

Trinity Cup (Club Champion) Jane Tough.